Youth Hockey Tournament Info

We are thrilled to welcome everyone back for the 2022-2023 Season!

To all Teams headed to Woodstock for a Tournament:
On behalf of Woodstock Youth Hockey and Union Arena we look forward to having your Association join us for these important weekends. We wanted to quickly pass along the following information in advance of your arrival:

–       Speed limit is 25mph in the Village of Woodstock and 35mph outside. It is STRICTLY enforced.
–       If you are looking for a site for a team meal, or any other local information, see any Staff Member or Site Director at any time.

–       Using POINTSTREAK you can access schedules/scores/stats from anywhere!
–       The Arena will provide all PUCKS for all warm-ups for all teams. (20 will be on bench prior to each game.)
–       ICE will be made AFTER conclusion of games.
–       Games will START EARLY when possible and regardless of if teams are ready and regardless of road conditions. Please plan accordingly.
–       Designated HOME TEAM must wear white jerseys and white socks.  See Tourney Director early if your team does not have white.
–       Upon arrival for opening game, please check-in with Tourney Director.
–       Game clock for WARM-UPS will start running immediately when Zamboni doors close.
–       Team Rooms are not locked — a key can be provided if requested. (Will need to leave car keys with staff as collateral.)
–       We really try to clean rooms between games, but please be respectful of the building and assist in picking up tape, trash, laces, etc. Thank you in advance!
–       Players are not to sit on bench walls AT ANY TIME, especially when the Zamboni doors are open.
–       Skate Sharpening is available on-site and overnight, but not always available on the spot (so plan ahead…!)
–       Bag storage is not permitted.

Woodstock Youth Hockey & Union Arena Staff