80 Amsden Way

Woodstock, VT 05091
TEL: 802-457-2500

Union Arena going for Net-Zero Status!

We’re on a mission to radically reduce the energy use and carbon footprint of Union Arena! Our goal is to become a “net zero” facility with no annual energy cost for heating fuel and electricity. We may even become the first “net zero” facility of its kind in North America. The benefits for the environment and to the arena operations budget would be profound. The cost of energy accounts for approximately a third of the total annual operational costs. Becoming a “net zero” facility would clearly make the arena much more sustainable. It would also allow the cost of programs to be significantly reduced therefore much more affordable for everyone. Our goal is to completely replace our carbon-based energy supply with renewable sources–reducing our carbon footprint to essentially ZERO! We’ve already reduced our energy consumption by 1/3. And we’re working on reconfiguring our existing physical plant to become more efficient.

Becoming Net-Zero will positively impact:

• The environment • The arena’s operation budget • The programs they offer, making them more affordable and, therefore more accessible, for everyone in their community.

Union Arena is Making News!

Our effort to become the first sustainable ice arena in North America has been picked up in several news outlets: